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Known for her trademark emphasis on classic beauty, Lorrie Turk is a make-up artist who focuses on her clients’ true beauty. Lorrie’s professional work has been showcased at the highest level across the world stage — from red carpet appearances and performances at the Golden Globes, the Grammys, and the MTV Awards (amongst many others), to fashion editorials, advertising campaigns, album packaging, concert tours and award-winning music videos. Her collaborative and professional approach has earned her the exceptional honor of working with a number of notable celebrities, including Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Morgan Freeman and Elizabeth Olsen. Lorrie has worked on major television and print advertising campaigns with Diet Coke, Apple Music, EOS, Sony Electronics, Toyota, and Keds, and worked with leading publications such as Vogue, Rolling Stone, Grazia, Glamour, Elle, and InStyle.  With a passion for bringing out her clients’ inner beauty and innate style, Lorrie has created some of the most iconic and indelible images in the beauty industry today and has had the distinct honor of working with Taylor Swift for 10 years.  Lorrie lives in Nashville with her husband, Bill, and their two cats, Curtis and Harry.